Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Pitt Bro's

Smoked meats at Pitt Bro's... need I say more...

The menu at Pitt Bro's BBQ is simple. It's not marked with gluten free indicators yet. I say yet because the owner has said he's working on it. 

I went in on their "soft opening" and I just loved the food. It was said that they were looking into gluten free buns but they haven't arrived just yet.

It's a quirky layout. I do like the higher tables at the side rather than the long table in the middle as a seating arrangement, but there's fun at that big table too. Namely, you never know who's going to sit next to you. On one occasion I had the cutest Spanish twin girls sitting next to me who tried to share their ice cream. Unfortunately, they were using a cone so I politely declined. (As if I'd take ice cream from a child anyway!)

Let's get to the food! You order at the counter, pay, and they bring your food down. Presto! A number of restaurants are doing it this way around the city now. I have a lot more dietary requirements than just gluten so I went through the menu on the first time I was in and I've sort of forgotten some of it the stuff that is gluten free because I still can't have it even thought it's gluten free. Sucks, I know. 

On my plate, which is the nearest one, is mash with no gravy (gravy contains gluten), corn on the cob, and pulled pork. The other plate has brisket, chips, and coleslaw. It's a lot of meat on the plate. I try so hard to finish it because it's delicious but I just don't have the capacity, and I normally end up leaving most of my sides in the process! Take away boxes can be provided if you're like me and simply can't finish.

A quick note on the chips! The chips are handcut in Pitt Bro's and contain no flour BUT they are fried in the same oil as the onion rings, which do contain flour. Depending on your intolerance this is important information. 

Coleslaw contains Hellman's mayonnaise, which is the only non veg element. The rest is cabbage, carrot, and celery or their new veggies: mangetout, carrot, and ginger.

If you are unsure on anything, ask the staff. They are very helpful. They've been quite well trained and do ask if your food is ok after you've started your meal. 

The War of American Style Meat Restaurants

Bison Bar versus Pitt Bro's BBQ. So many people are arguing over this on the blogs and on twitter. They're trying to work out who's better, who's copying etc. 

For the gluten free diner there is no choice. It's Pitt Bro's BBQ all the way. 

I went into Bison when I was out one evening, when Pitt Bro's was full, to get my American style BBQ meat on. I didn't even sit down before I was booted out. I went up to the bar and asked if they were coeliac friendly. Immediately, I was told I could have coleslaw or potato salad. Honestly, why would you bother finding out if your sides are gluten free and not any other food on the menu? Was I supposed to just order coleslaw and potato salad? It's ridiculous. On another note, the mayonnaise based dishes are gluten free? Really??? If they've malt vinegar in them I wouldn't be a happy customer! 

When questioned on their menu they said they want to keep as close to the American flavour as possible in their rubs and this means gluten. Er, no.. it really doesn't. To be fair, they were very apologetic. It's not really good enough. They still have some nice drinks. 

Result: Go to Pitt Bro's for your American Style BBQ meats. They've options for gluten free dieters and it's tasty. Win-Win!

Follow Pitt Bro's on Twitter or Facebook. If you do you'll spot their student special lunch deals! They're also pretty interactive, so if you've a question ask them!

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