Monday, 2 December 2013

5 Go-to Restaurants

I decided to put together a few of my favourite retaurants that cater for gluten free. This is only a first list of many that are in the city and I'll be adding more lists over the coming weeks and months. If your interested, click through to have a look...

In Dublin there are a few places that are my fundamental favourites.

The Farm on Dawson Street and Leeson Street. I've eaten in both of the restaurants and they are most definitely one of my top go-to restaurants. I didn't realise that the majority of chicken wings in restaurants were coated in flour! It was in this restaurant that I discovered I could once again eat my beloved dish of sticky chicken wings. The menu is clearly marked and the staff in both restaurants are very aware of what they serve in each dish.

The Millstone on Dame Street. I was brought to this restaurant on a first date. Most impressive date ever. It hit exactly the spot: my tummy! The Millstone have a great gluten free menu. When you go in just ask for the gluten free menu. They normally hand you a clipboard with a completely modified menu specifically for dietary requirements. They bake their own bread and normally have a lunch deal for a proper good-food lunch with a drink or tea/coffee.

If you have a hankering for Italian, Carluccio's have gluten free pasta available. There was only one occasion that they did not have any in stock when I was there. They apologised profusely for it, which was nice. They also have a separate menu for the gluten free diner.

Pizza... Pizza is something you are going to miss if you're gluten free... You would think that, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong. Milano's do a gluten free pizza base in their restaurants! Not only that, but it's a lovely thin base that comes on a different plate than the non gluten free bases and you have the choice of the majority of the menu. Also, they have delicious gluten free brownies!

Brasserie Sixty6. I do like Brasserie Sixty6. It was the first restaurant that I saw "CA" on a menu. It's a nifty idea! It's so simple. I'd been to so many places where the waiters/waitresses had said, "Just let me know what you want and the chef will modify it  for you", only for them to come back to say that I can't have my choice. CA on a menu is just so much easier! It stands for Coeliac Adaptable. It cuts the time for everyone on explaining things! Also, the food is quite tasty in there.


  1. Cheers Amanda for your suggestions :) I've been a Coeliac now for nearly 18 years and it has been hell on earth but I can tell you that things have picked up only in recent years, thank god :) I will definitely going to Milanos as I miss my pizzas :(

    1. Thanks! I'll hopefully be covering lots. Dominos do gluten free pizzas too. I'll do a take away blog soon I promise.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, there are so many Dublin city restaurants to choose from but one that caters for dietary requirements are so important!