Friday, 6 December 2013

Antoinette's Bakery

'Let them eat cake.'
Or, in the words of Antoinette's Bakery: 'Let them eat (gluten free) cake.'

Antoinette's Bakery opened its doors in November 2013 and bakes, you guessed it, cakes and treats. There are only a handful of places in Dublin that cater for gluten free cakes. Everything in their kitchen is gluten free... It's amazing. I mean properly amazing.

I visited and felt like a child in a sweet shop. It was a little overwhelming, because I was so excited. Look at the display; there's proper proper cookies, how could I not be excited? I found the bakery through the power of twitter. It's a cute little place on Kevin Street Lower, just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of Camden Street.

So, I tried their lemon drizzle. I pretty much love anything lemon. This does not disappoint. There is a gorgeous lemon zing. It's not heavy or chalky as some gluten free cakes can be. I cannot wait to try some more if this is just the first sample! At €2.50 a slice, it's not going to break the bank. They have lovely cookies too. They look like proper cookies; the type of cookies you just want to dunk in milk. 

Check out their coffee too. There are not a huge amount of places around to get a good cup of coffee in the vicinity so it's a good option! Take a pew at the window and just watch the world go by with some coffee and cake... Bliss. Coffee and cake... what more could you ask for? 

Yes.. that's right more cake. Not only do they sell cake as a little café, but they make them to order for people. The picture is a birthday cake for a little girl, I think; it's on their Facebook page. Don't worry, not all of them have Peppa Pig sitting on top, but if you like that sort of thing it's perfect for you! Otherwise, they make other kinds of cakes to order. Ideas for your next party... or just your Friday treat maybe?

What's most impressive about this little bakery is Sinead, the owner and creator. She was diagnosed as coeliac while she was training as a pastry chef. Could the gluten free dieters be in any better hands when it comes to cake?

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