Monday, 23 December 2013


When I think of burgers in Dublin I now think Bunsen.

On our way home from the Swan Cinema in Rathmines we normally take a walk down Camden Street/Wexford Street. and have the "where should we have dinner" conversation. Bunsen is a firm favourite on this list.

The space that Bunsen currently occupies used to be filled by Pizza Dog and before that Hell Pizza.. oh how I loved Hell pizza.. They had gluten free pizza and one of their pizzas had satay sauce on it! Yum. But, I digress... BUNSEN. On one of our walks a good few months ago we spotted the above scene. A new place opening in the spot. So, my other half is a very investigating soul and he set about finding out what was going on. 

A quick Facebook search found their page. They had no gluten free buns for the opening but offered to wrap the burger in lettuce. As soon as they had buns I was in there!

The menu comes on a business card. There's no frills. Just good burgers, chips, and shakes. 

Their "normal" buns are made fresh every day and they stock some really nice gluten free buns. The burgers are made in the back, everyday. They grind their meat with a bit of salt and pepper and that's it. No flour holds the burger together.

You can custom order your burger too. I like mine medium rare but it is so juicy that I started ordering medium, just to avoid the meat juices dripping down my fingers.

All burgers come with toppings; if you don't want something ask them to leave it off. I always leave off the pickle and the onion because I can't have them. The taste does not suffer for it.

The last time we went in to eat I didn't take a picture before we started to eat but this was what was left of our two meals. It's just good food.

I noticed that they are starting to stock gluten free beer too. I spotted it on their blackboard after I'd ordered a glass of wine but I'll be trying that on my next visit!

Let me know about your experience in Bunsen in the comments below or on twitter or Facebook!

Bunsen can be contacted on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. But the toppings are cross contaminated as they only have one box of lettuce, one box of tomatoes and so when the cook makes a gluten burger and then takes a leaf of lettuce- even if they change gloves- that box of lettuce has been touched by bread handling hands- then they make your gluten free burger taking toppings from the same boxes. So it's contaminated. They'd need two work stations to be really gluten free.