Common Kitchen's and Contamination

Throughout this blog I will be discussing food from caf├ęs and restaurant in Dublin. 

There are very few kitchens that are contamination free in the city. For this reason it is crucial to note that the majority of reviews of experiences here are from "common kitchen's," that is kitchen's where gluten is present. 

Many businesses that advertise gluten free food are careful in common kitchen's. This means that they use different utensils, chopping boards, and, in some cases, counters. 

Cross contamination can end badly for most diners. Reaction times vary person to person; sometimes a reaction is nearly immediate and for some it will happen the next day. It is imperative to inform the kitchen of your gluten intolerance when dining. This allows them to take special precautions to ensure your meal is suitable for you to eat and reduces the risk of cross contamination. 

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