Sunday, 8 December 2013

Keogh's Crisps meet Supervalu Gluten Free bread!

Seriously, who doesn't love a bag of crisps? They are potato after all! Put it in a bit of bread and voilĂ , an Irish delicacy is born...

I've been picking up Keogh's crisps for a while. They're not a secret really, but they are gluten free. I see them in shops from time to time and most recently in the vending machine of Maynooth library! Happy students!

I was disgusted when I learned I couldn't have my Tayto cheese and onion anymore. Not to mention how I felt when everyone was talking about those Tayto chocolate bars. Why, oh why, would you penalize those that are gluten intolerant from those illustrious inventions!

Ok, back to the point. Keogh's crisps.

At the National Craft Fair they literally had buckets of crisps out for tasting. Flavours ranging from salt & vinegar, cheese & onion, roast chicken, beef, sweet chili... We just started picking! 

Do you remember those sweet sensation chili flavour crisps? Yes, well those and the standard cheese & onion are my go to flavours. We bought two of the sweet chili and one cheese & onion. They threw in a bag of spuds too!

Within 24 hours we had opened two packets; one of each. Now, we're not by any means greedy gluttons here so we did incorporate the crisps into a lunch fit for a king.. the crisp sandwich! Oh yes, you can have a proper cheese & onion with butter on a soft bread again! 

Personally, for this the bread has to be soft. That means no toasting or refreshing. It means a good bread! In the bottom of my freezer I generally store bread that I can whip out when required. I know, I love that freezer too. There were just two Supervalu rolls left in the bottom. Perfect two crisp sandwiches for me! Er, I mean one each. 

Result: I was reliving my school days when I'd have a crisp sandwich before evening study in secondary school.. on odd days... sometimes... okay you caught me! It was worth it. 

Let me know what your favourite flavour crisp is for a crisp sandwich in the comments or on twitter

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