Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Marco's Pizza

In the beginning I thought I had to completely give up pizza. I discovered that you can make your own if you buy the base but who has the time? I stumbled across Marco's Pizza on Facebook when they were just stocking in a few Supervalu Stores. Click through for more about Marco's Pizza...

You cannot understand how excited I was to try this pizza! They are gluten, wheat, and egg free. It comes in Pepperoni and, as I discovered today, Margherita. They're not the most budget friendly at €4.99 a pizza but it's cheaper than a take away and I tend to buy them in batches and store them in the freezer, so the cost doesn't hit that often. 

They are so good! I've actually made them for non gluten free people and they cannot tell the difference. It's definitely not my cooking skills. 

The pizzas have a really thin base so it's super quick to cook at 10-12 minutes at the most in the oven. When I was first making it I didn't watch the oven and it was slightly crispy so just keep an eye on it in their first time around!

They've been expanding over the last few months to selected Dunnes, Spars, Maces, and Eurospar. Handily, they have a store locator on their websites for their growing stockists. Keep an eye on their Facebook too because they add stockists all the time.

Enjoy pizza lovers!

They are also on Twitter!

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