Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Quick Note on Gluten Free Fishfingers

As a child I didn't eat much fish other than tuna or fishfingers. That was as far as I would go. Due to the gluten problem, fish fingers were no longer an option, but...

... then, I found Young's fishfingers!

Young's fishfingers are just right. They take 12 minutes to grill and crisp up nicely. You'd never know; except now you do and you can have fishfingers again! They were spotted in Dunnes Stores! In the picture I have Fishfingers, salad, and homemade wedges (from Keogh's potatoes & drizzled in Harnett's chili & garlic oil).

Tesco also have Free From Fishfingers. I've never actually found them in a store in order to taste them. If anyone has please let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook!

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