Friday, 7 November 2014

Doherty Meats

At the Allergy Expo in Dublin I was incredibly excited by new products launching, particularly products by a company called Doherty Meats.

At the expo I picked up a lot of products to test out, but this one really made me think. I miss having really good quality frozen burgers in the freezer. My attempts at homemade meatballs vary in their outcome; sometimes they're nom and other times they fall apart as soon as I add sauce. I miss having cocktail sausages. I don't miss sausages as much because I can pick up gluten free sausages in a few places, but frozen ones are so handy!

Let's start with the burger. These are incredibly juicy. They're proper meaty, intense, juicy (I know I said that twice), and completely delicious burgers. They hold together really well and are excellent in a bun. I had an Aldi bap with it. 

Meatballs... Oh sweet meatballs.... Let's show you what I did with the meatballs....

These, like the burgers, are really juicy when cooking. The meat juices runs off them. The package says to spread them out when cooking, but some were stuck together. It didn't cause any problems during cooking, so if you have to have them a little closer it shouldn't be a problem. 

I made a really simple tomato sauce with them with passata, garlic granule, chilli powder, and basil. I was making it to taste so didn't take note of how much of everything I popped in, but it took 25 minutes on the hob to taste just right. The base started with half a teaspoon of each and a little more as required. It was freaking tasty!

Lastly, the sausages. These are so handy in the freezer. Not only that, but the cocktail versions will come in really useful for those parties coming up in December. I really think restaurants need to take note of this brand for use in their "finger food" that every gluten free diner dreads to see near them for fear of the gluten monster lurking on the tempting plater. 

All the products cook from frozen so they're perfect to keep in storage for when you need them. The gluten free aspect does not, in any way, make these products have less quality. I know it's been a long time since I had a frozen burger that I enjoyed as much as those ones and I will definitely be heading to pick these up in Tescos when they become available. 

You can also find them on Ocado and at the Allergy Expo this weekend in Cork! 

Check out their website and Facebook page for more details.

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Happy munching!

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