Friday, 17 October 2014

New Egg-free loaf from BFree

This week Bfree launched a new products, an egg-free loaf and I got a little taste.

There's good and not so good with this new product. The long slices are smaller than say the Kelkin sourdough, but taste better. The bread, both the brown and white loaves, are lovely when fresh. They have a soft texture. It's hard to believe there's no egg in the bread. 

The long slices are perfect for a sandwich, normal or open! That's a creation I made with avocado, tomato,  sliced sausage (gluten free of course), tomato, and some melted cheese underneath. 

I did have a slight issue with this bread. I froze some of it to use during the week and it didn't exactly thaw well. The loaf glued itself together. I had to pry the slices apart with a sharp knife. It was a little difficult, so much so I had damaged the counter when the knife slipped. There's a little chip in my counter top now! 

It definitely has to be toasted after freezing and my toaster wasn't long enough for the slices so I had to turn them and re-toast, but it made some good toast all the same!

The verdict: When this bread is fresh, it's gorgeous for a sandwich. When frozen it's a little more tricky, but makes good toast!

About egg allergies: Egg allergies are more common than people realise. I have a friend who gets quite sick when she eats any products containing egg. Symptoms can be mild or severe, including but not limited to skin rashes, hives, nasal inflammation, vomiting, and digestive problems. It's really nice to see a bread that is gluten and egg free (also. Marco's pizza is egg free too!)

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