Friday, 14 November 2014

Little Italy

Little Italy sent some products our way a while back for review. 

I've been taking my time with the review because, let's face it, it was a lot of stuff and I was munching my way through! Also, I was awaiting a price list, but I've not gotten it. I checked around and people generally recommend Little Italy for their authentic (and beautiful) Italian cheeses. In fact, one Italian lady advised that she goes in here for the trimmings for her Christmas feast. 

These are fine, but they lack a bit of flavour. They do come in little packs in the larger pack so are handy for the lunchbox snacks!

I do like a good rice cake, but I know not everyone is a fan. I like to get creative with them as you can see form the pictures! They were pretty good as they go!

I really did not like these. I'm hoping the packet was gone off or something because they were vile. They look like mini bread sticks, but when I ate one there was a distinctly pungent taste that hit my nose and my throat at the same time as soon as I bit down. I tried a few to make sure and made my other half tried one. I didn't finish one and the packet ended up in the bin. As I said, I hope it was just the packet I had. 

The pasta isn't bad. Sticks a little so keep stirring and watch it because it goes from not cooked to cooked very fast. 

I actually made risotto for the first time with these and you know what... It worked! I was really hoping it would because they're ideal to make: quick, easy and filling. You do have to add your own cheese and butter to finish it off, so it's not a microwave job. And definitely keep stirring to stop it sticking. Add a few veggies and you're sorted! I wasn't too fond of the saffron one, but my other half liked it (and the mushroom one because myself and mushrooms don't mix). 

These little guys are a tasty snack. I was eating them on their own, but popping a little cheese on them is good too. 

Little Italy is located at 139a/140 North King Street, Dublin 7, Ireland and are on Facebook and Twitter. They're website is here and you can email them here

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