Monday, 3 February 2014

KC Peaches

Let's talk KC Peaches....

I've heard over the years that KC Peaches are really good for gluten free snacks and food. As I use a library close to their Dawson Street CafĂ© I tend to be in there for my breaks. I have to tell you, I didn't believe they were great with the gluten free snacks because I never saw anything in there to indicate it. Then I started talking to them. 

Apparently because the kitchen isn't completely gluten free they can't label anything as gluten free. I do have a problem with this, but I also see the reasons why. There is a risk of cross contamination from the kitchen but they use a different prep area with separate utensils. 

While researching I talked to them on Facebook. No harm in asking a few questions, right? So they confirmed that they do have gluten free snacks and meals but they can't label them as such because of the kitchen. They told me about the separate prep areas and utensils in the kitchen. Anyone who asks in store is always told about this. Two out of three times I went in to get the treats for the pictures below I was told. Granted the one time I wasn't told was because the girl that serves me every single day served me. She probably thought I knew already from being in there so much! The feedback is that the majority don't mind the kitchen situation because they are careful enough to have the precautions in place.

I have the habit of being embarrassed in restaurants and shops. It's like telling people something personal when you really aren't ready. This is very apparent when I frequent KC Peaches. It's normally because I take breaks at regular times. Therefore, at say, eleven there is a queue for everyone taking their break. It's a little annoying for people to be holding up the queue. Therefore, I don't do it. Also, I use the 'I'm eating healthily' way of thinking to deter myself from asking for the sweet stuff!

Lunches: There is always someone at the deli counter to ask and they are all trained to know which fillings are gluten free. Most of the soups are gluten free, but not always so its best to ask. There is also gluten free bread at the deli counter.

Pastries. Ok we all love pastries. Well, I love pastries. I spent a month in Paris and came home very sick. I miss pastries. We can have the almond financier, a chocolate & hazelnut brownie, coconut macaroon, and meringue. I really should have asked about this before now! I do have a little issue with there being no labeling and the fact that they are among all the other pastries in the displays. If there is such a big deal made about separate prep areas then bunging them among the other pastries makes the cross contamination precautions a little redundant. 

One thing about KC Peaches is that the premises are very full of gluten. I can see why they stress that they can't guarantee that products made without gluten are completely gluten free. All it takes is a flick of flour somewhere, be it the kitchen or the counter. I'm not going to be deterred too much though. As a gluten free dieter we run the risk of this in every restaurant we eat in, unless they have no gluten what so ever on the premises, which is hard to do. In fact, I only know of one, which is that delightful bakery on Kevin St.

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Update 11th February 2014:

Since the publication of this review I noticed a little signage in KC Peaches (on the tills)!

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