Friday, 14 February 2014

Something fun...

Today we decided to do something fun for Valentine's Day!

We want to see your Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's pictures... whether they be food or funny!

There is no prize, unless you count our shrieks of laughter or "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw," we just thought it would be fun on a day brimming with both romance and detest, and the fact that the weather is suppose to get bad... So, to cheer everyone up, let's share some of those pictures that are popping up all day!

Send us your Tweets, your Facebook pictures, your Instagram's, or comment below with your stories!

Remember it's all just a bit of fun!

Here are some of our favourite one's from the internets:

Look forward to seeing yours!

P.S. Naughty pic's emailed to us at won't be put up on the internerds... 
No matter how entertaining!
We're a family show here...ish

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