Tuesday, 28 January 2014


As a gluten free dieters we can't have burritos anymore, but we can have a Burrito Bowl!

This is a Burrito Bowl! All the goodness of the ingredients without the tortilla. I've never actually had a proper burrito, I was always concerned about it ending up all over me because I'm not coordinated enough for it! Then it was off the menu as an option. I've noticed that if you order the bowl, you tend to get more food... Maybe it's just me but it looks like a larger portion or maybe it's just less squished together! Normally I have a dollop of guacamole on there but they had none when I was in!

I've tried the Burrito Bowl in a few places: I definitely prefer Boojum. They're located in the Italian Quarter, so they're pretty handy for a bite while shopping or heading to the cinema on the North side. 

The ingredients are gluten free and always just so good. I've tried the chicken, beef, and pork. I love the beef and my other half loves the pork. I have noticed they don't change gloves when going from a burrito to a bowl but the ingredients are all ladled into the bowl. I've never had a reaction there, but it's something to note if you are hyper hyper sensitive. 

The feel of the place is burrito and beer/soft drink/water (no gluten free beer) with music and quick dining. You order, you sit with your food, you leave. The turnover of customers is fast and it's always pretty full when I'm in there. 

Boojum has a student discount in operation and a loyalty card system. Collect 10 stamps and get a free main meal... and possibly a Boojum addict t-shirt! 

For full details on Boojum visit their website, Facebook, or Twitter. I've linked their Dublin Facebook and Twitter there but they are also located in Belfast and Galway

Most burrito places offer this as an alternative. I've double checked in Boojum, Burritos & Blues, and El Gringo and the ingredients for the Burrito Bowl are gluten free. El Gringo did say the nacho chips are not.

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  1. I received word from Burrito & Blues recently that their Tacos are made from corn tortillas, so that's another option along with the burrito bowl.

  2. OOOOOOOO I like that! I'd prefer that to their bowls because whatever happens they always ends up with water in the bottom! Thanks :)