Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Whitefriar Grill

I had some dinner in Whitefriar Grill a few weeks ago thanks to Zomato.
Overall, I was disappointed, so I'm going to keep this short(ish).

First, the food was gorgeous. The presentation was immaculate and the food was delicious. I had duck and my other half had chicken. Both were cooked to perfection. We only had mains because nothing really really tickled our fancy on the starter menu and we were limited with dessert. 

My issue lies with the menu, it's a bit of a mess when it comes to allergens. They have the * marking on anything containing the 14 allergens that have to be marked on menus now. It's great that they have markings....

The trouble is .... everything, yes everything, that has an allergen present is marked, but you've no idea which allergen is in each dish. We had to call our waitress back over and she had to go through the whole menu with us. By the time she finished listing everything, and telling us which dishes would be less an ingredient or two, I was exhausted. I needed her to repeat it, but it was so overwhelming I refrained. I literally picked something of the mains and ordered it. We just double made sure that when it came it had to be gluten free.

Turns out it was delicious, but that's beside the point. I wasn't totally sure what came with my dish because I couldn't quite remember if there was a substitution on that dish. We had to call her back over after we ordered to ask about what came with our dishes because neither myself or my partner could recall.

This is a serious pet peeve of mine. I hate when a fuss is being made over something like this. It dampened my dining experience. So much so that I'm not sure I'll be back, despite the fact that I enjoyed my food.

There were no markings on the dessert menu. I recall two options, one being ice cream. We skipped it. I was really craving something sweet, but opted for a coffee instead. 

Also, they are renowned for their awesome brunch, but we discovered at dinner that they don't have gluten free bread, so I wouldn't be recommending it for a gluten free brunch place at all.

The food is gorgeous, when you can decipher what is suitable for you. I just found the whole experience a little difficult to navigate.

I did like the bathroom style!

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On another note, Zomato have a list of gluten free restaurants here. Some of my favourites are on there! Let us know your favourites!

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