Thursday, 14 May 2015

Daura Gluten Free Beer

There's been a little bit of a theme this week with gluten free beer. 

The subject of today is Daura. They recently had a Estrella Damm launch party and we had a little fun at the event ourselves! 

Daura is a Spanish beer and widely available in Dublin pubs and restaurants including Solas, The Stags Head, Bunsen, and Green 19 to name just a few! It is the most common gluten free beer on the market. With less than 3ppm, it's definitely worth a swig.

In fact, I have a much better review from a memory than I could ever write. I was actually approached outside The Stags Head on a sunny afternoon last summer by a Spanish woman wondering what pub I got my Daura beer in. She was so excited to see a Spanish beer in my hand. She was very proud that it was being sold here and needed to get herself one as it was her beer of choice at home. She rushed in and came out with one gleefully showing me her bottle, and then added, "It's gluten free too, but that doesn't matter to me." I think that's one of the best comments I've heard about it!

It is available in selected Centra, Dunnes Stores, Costcutter, Donnybrook Fair, Eurospar, Fine Wines, Londis, Mace, Molloys, O’Donovan’s, O’Brien’s, Spar, Supervalu and Tesco outlets nationwide.

Below is there Press Release:

Molson Coors’ Official Launch of World’s Best Gluten Free Beer
Daura Damm -- Rated ‘Outstanding’ in Taste Tests

As any coeliac or gluten intolerant person will tell you, there’s not a huge choice in top quality food and beverages available to them in Ireland, despite the growing number of Irish people who claim to be sensitive or allergic to gluten. Molson Coors, Ireland’s third largest and fastest growing brewer is set to make the lives of gluten intolerants a lot more pleasurable with its official Irish launch of the gluten free beer Daura Damm, from the iconic Barcelonan Estrella brewery, famed for its Estrella Damm premium lager.

The tasty result of a long collaborative research process between the Estrella brewery and Spain’s National Scientific Research Council’s gluten unit, Daura Damm became the first beer in Spain to guarantee a gluten content below 3ppm making it suitable for people with coeliac disease.  

Ireland has one of the world’s highest incidence of coeliac disease with an estimated one in 100 or 46,000* people suffering from the condition. So, it will come as welcome news that not only is Daura Damm the No.1 selling, internationally recognised beer for coeliacs, but it has won countless taste awards too including the Superior Taste Award at the International Taste & Quality Institute of Brussels, a Gold Medal at the International Beer Challenge and the World’s Best Gluten-free Lager Award at the World Beer Awards by the Beverage Testing Institute.

Commenting on the great tasting Daura Damm, Robert Blythe, Marketing Director at Molson Coors, distributors for the Estrella Damm portfolio in Ireland said, “We’re so glad to be able to offer such a quality, premium beer to those with such limited gluten free beer choices.  With all the flavour of its sister lager Estrella Damm, Daura Damm sets a new benchmark of excellence in taste offerings in the gluten free category to such a degree that we expect many beer lovers who have absolutely no issue with gluten intolerance to adopt it as their beer of choice.”

*figure from the Coeliac Society of Ireland

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