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Gluten Free Bakery in Scally's Supervalu Clonakilty

There's a new gluten free bakery in Clonakilty!!

So last week we received this amazing hamper to test out the new range from Scally's purpose built gluten free bakery in Clonakilty. The products range from savoury dishes to sweet cake treats and they're having a grand opening today, 28th August 2014. 

Let's start with the cake! We tried three types of their cake: cupcakes, carrot cake, and lemon polenta cake. The first thing we noticed is that there is a lot of buttercream on each of these so if you're a fan (like me) it's awesome, if you're not (like my other half) just scrape a bit off. 

I was looking forward to the carrot cake so much, so I dug into that one first! It was quite crumbly and dry, so I was a bit disappointed and, unfortunately the lemon polenta was too! In fact, I couldn't even get a proper slice of the lemon polenta to photograph because it disintegrated. Likewise, the picture of the scone is the one that held together the most. They all tasted awesome though! I'm guessing something happened to them in transit because the cupcake stole the freaking show. It was fluffy and delicious; an absolute delight to munch on and held together beautifully! Seriously, you need to try one of these! I'm positive there was a reason for the crumbling cakes because they had gorgeous flavour and if those cupcakes held together the way they did, there's no reason why the cakes shouldn't have!

I was much more impressed with the savoury selection. I know I talk about cake a lot, but I'm a savoury one at heart. The soups are sumptuous, but the pies are amazing. Now there is a huge taste of salmon from the fish pie and the chowder, but their tasty! The shepherds pie is equally delicious, if not more so. I preferred the shepherds over the fish pie! The carrot and coriander soup is full and flavoursome and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. 

But what to have with the soups you ask? Gluten free bread.... in two delicious forms: the small white roll and brown bread. Both of these are out of this world as gluten free breads go! The white roll is soft and fluffy, it's the perfect tear'n'dip roll for soup or for the sauce at the end of a meal. I may have even frozen some of them to be used at a later date....

The brown bread... well I just kept eating it! It has a little sweetness to it that reminded me of bread my mother used to make when I was little (prior to all diagnosis) and I had to try it with butter first and grab another slice with a schmear of honey on it. Yeah, the loaf disappeared pretty quickly!!

All in all the range is quite good and if you're around Clonakilty head out there and test them for yourself! Although not all the products were in perfect condition, I would absolutely try everything again, you know just to make sure! 

****Press Release****


28th August – Scally’s SuperValu, located in the heart of Clonakilty in West Cork, has become the first supermarket in Ireland to launch a designated in-store gluten-free bakery and food production facility. The new facility, with an investment of €500,000, will create five new jobs at the store.

The ‘Clonakilty Gluten Free Cuisine’ range, which consists of a selection of almost 30 gluten-free products certified for coeliacs, will be available at Scally’s SuperValu Clonakilty and Scally’s SuperValu Blackrock in Cork city, with future expansion plans expected. As this innovative range is prepared in a separate bakery and kitchen, coeliacs can be assured that the range is 100% gluten-free, with all products independently tested and certified by Alpha Analytics.

Speaking at the launch, Eugene Scally, owner of Scally’s SuperValu said, “1 in 100 people in Ireland are thought to have coeliac disease, with many as yet undiagnosed. The decision to develop this range was made after market research highlighted the lack of choice for coeliacs and the high cost of gluten-free products; research showed that a coeliac’s basket of goods is 87% more expensive than a non-coeliac basket. We wanted to offer customers a diverse gluten-free range that was keenly priced and of exceptional quality. Our customers feedback has been instrumental in developing the range and the response from shoppers has been extremely positive.”

The launch highlights SuperValu’s community retail model as stores are independently owned and retailers can tailor their offer for the local area. The state of the art production facility means that the gluten-free range can be produced locally in West Cork and adds to West Cork’s reputation for food leadership. The launch of ‘Clonakilty Gluten Free Cuisine’ follows the launch last year of SuperValu’s FreeFrom range which consists of over 300 gluten and dairy-free products, already in all SuperValu stores. 

Chairperson of the Coeliac Society of Ireland, Mary Twohig said: “We are delighted that Scally’s have developed this facility in Cork, giving coeliacs more choice in their search for gluten-free foods, on a local basis. It is important to coeliacs that they can access a range of products that are affordable and good quality. With 15% of our membership being from Cork, it is fantastic to see local businesses, and a national retailer, rising to meet the needs of people whose only medicine is a gluten-free diet.”

SuperValu serves over 2.6 million customers every week and now has 222 stores nationwide. 75% of everything on SuperValu’s shelves is sourced or produced in Ireland. SuperValu continues to source locally wherever possible and purchases almost €2 billion worth of goods from Irish suppliers which help to sustain 30,000 jobs in the Irish economy.

Price List:

‘Clonakilty Gluten Free Cuisine’ Range (available both fresh and frozen)
  • Brown soda bread, 450g - €2.00
  • White bread, 400g - €2.00
  • White bread rolls (four pack) - €2.00
  • Garlic bread (130g) - €2.00
  • Bread crumbs (400g) - €2.00
  • Fruit scones (four pack) - €2.50
  • Plain scones (four pack) - €2.50
  • Celebration cake / Birthday cake - €15.99
  • Trifle sponge - €2.00
  • Cupcakes (four pack) - €3.00
  • Carrot cake, 400g - €3.99
  • Lemon polenta cake, 400g - €3.99
  • Mushroom soup (500ml) - €3.00
  • Pepper sauce (460ml) - €3.00
  • Roast gravy (460ml) - €2.75
  • White sauce (460ml) - €3.00
  • Vegetable soup (500ml) - €3.00
  • Carrot & coriander soup (500ml) - €3.00
  • Tomato soup (500ml) - €3.00
  • Potato & leek soup (500ml) - €3.00
  • Shepherd’s pie (450g) - €3.25
  • Seafood chowder (500ml) - €4.00
  • Seafood pie (450g) - €3.50
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