Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Aldi "Has No" Sausages

We had a delivery from Aldi yesterday!

Aldi got in touch again to try out some more of their new range! In a little, perfectly-formed chill bag (which I'm going to make so much use out of) came some of the wonderful new gluten free sausages that Aldi are currently trialling in selected stores!

They come in an 8 pack and a 16 pack and are super reasonable on the price, €0.99 and €1.79 respectively. Not only that, but they're tasty little scamps!

Last night my other half was experimenting and created this beauty! It was a damn tasty sausage and potato hash. Rather than having a fry (or a grill as I normally do) to test out these sausages we decided to show them off this way! They're definitely good for a fry though and look exactly as a traditional "normal" sausage does. No one would be any the wiser being served these instead.

We're going to be trying striping them out and making meat balls in tomato sauce from them soon. We'll keep you posted on  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram with the results!

The sausages are countrywide at the moment, so pop into your local store and try them for yourself!!! I have hopped upon them in a few Aldi's already!

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  1. i was gonna correct your grammar and say "Aldi HAVE no sausages" but yeah, I see what you're gettin' at :)

    Looking forward to the nationwide roll out; meanwhile that OTHER discount outfit might want to pull the finger out - stocking a few boxes of Kelkin stuff every few months isn't really enough to make me bother me hole going there...

  2. Oh that's a great addition to all the new things they have launched recently I have loved trying them and I'm sure I will grab some of these when I see them thanks for letting me know!