Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Aldi's "Has no" Gluten Free Range

So Aldi have this fabulous, inexpensive "Has no" range!

The lovely peeps over at Aldi sent me some samples of their range and over the last few weeks I've been popping back in to pick up some more and check the consistency of the products in the range. Well, I wouldn't be doing it right if I didn't try a few more buns right?!

Today we're going to start with the cakes! They've got a gorgeous madeira cake and some scrummy queen cakes. 

Honestly, I was feeding them to non gluten free people and they were scoffing away without the ever lingering question: "is this gluten free?"Just look at it! It looks no different, and, believe me, it tastes no different than a normal one. 

They have some awesome bread. The particular one above really reminds me of my favourite gluten free bread bap - the SuperValu one. I'm wondering if they come from the same supplier. They have a multigrain loaf, a white loaf and.. 

... a delicious bap for a hotdog or sausage. Additionally, according to my sources, Aldi have just brought out gluten free sausages!

I've been stocking up on the gluten free cornflakes over the last few weeks. They're €1.99, so much, much cheaper than the alternatives and, to my surprise, they're pretty good! They aren't like chewing on cardboard, they're actual cornflakes. 

Now, the pasta. The pasta cooks really well. Generally gluten free pasta needs more attention when it's cooking. The bags always recommend 10-12 minutes. They completely lie! 8 minutes with lots of boiling water and constant stirring generally does it for me. If you leave it any longer it will gloop together and continue cooking when you're trying to add and season the sauce you have in mind. 

I managed to get my hands on these gluten free chocolate muffins and let's just say there's now a reason I'm consistently going to the gym!

I do find Aldi Ireland's website difficult to navigate when looking for the "has no" range. It's not listed on their navigation tabs yet. I've been to several Aldi's to see what is consistently in each store and, honestly, it ranges. In Rathmines I found a boat load of the range I never knew existed, including jammy dodgers and digestives! And the ginger cookies... oh dear, it's like chewing on ginger pieces... just *drool* I love ginger!

Here's all the prices I could find on the range:

HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Cornflakes (€1.99 / 350g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Fusilli (€1.49 / 500g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Wholegrain Rolls (€1.99 / 3 pack)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free White Baps (€1.99 / 3 pack)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Loaf (€1.99 / 400g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Muffins (€1.99 / 2 pack)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Queen Cakes (€1.99 / 165g)
HAS NO…Gluten & Wheat Free Madeira Cake (€2.49 / 320g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Milk Chocolate Digestives (€1.49 / 200g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Digestives (€1.49 / 170g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Ginger Cookies (€1.49 / 150g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Jammy Rings (€1.49 / 200g)
HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (€1.49 / 150g)


Calling all non gluten freers! If you have a coeliac coming over, this is the range to stock up on with the nice stuff and it will not hurt your pocket like other brands.

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