Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Diep at Home

Take away anyone?
It's no surprise I absolutely love Thai food. Some of my favourite spots to eat are Thai. One great upside to it is that the majority of it is, or can be made, gluten free. Just watch out for the soy sauce!

Recently, I've become quite disappointed in Neon on Camden Street, both in quality and price, so I was shopping around. Diep at Home has opened up a few branches around Dublin for take away!

There are no markings on the online menu, but they've plenty of markings on their physical menu for coeliacs. 

Basically, in the starters we have the Satay Gai, which is chargrilled chicken satay with peanut sauce & a cucumber chilli pickle. 

All of the soups and salads are coeliac friendly. Remember a salad for a Thai doesn't always mean with lettuce, but these two beauts (Larb Ped and Gai Xai Phai) are what Diep class as "Light meals" on their menu. They're introducing healthy options so look out for the LM markings on the menu if you're watching the waistline or looking for a delicious healthy option. 

All of the noodle dishes can be make coeliac friendly on request. They use Tamarind sauce in the Pad Thai, which is gluten free and one of the main ingredients of Worcestershire sauce.

Remember to get some Edemame Pods. They're lovely and super healthy for you! 

Oh boy did we order! They've these cool bags that the delivery comes in. Ordering is easy, just be clear on the phone with the coeliac bit, as I'm sure you always are when ordering!

Excuse the photos. We totally could not wait to tuck in once the aroma hit our taste buds. Not that we were waiting long. They said 40 minutes and in arrived in 20. We were very happy bunnies! 

We ordered the Satay Gai to start with. I love satay chicken skewers and there's no messing with these ones like in other places: the sauce is on the chicken when you get it, no dipping in and out of a sauce.  

For mains we (myself, the other half, and a lovely couple we were entertaining for the evening - take away night is the best way to do it after a long busy week right?!) had Yellow Curry, Massaman, and Pad Thai. I'm a Yellow Curry girl at heart. The curries from here are delicious, you can't really go wrong. But, I do love a good Pad Thai, it was delicious. Our guests said their curries were the best ones they'd had in ages! It was nice to hear! 

The guys in Diep are really looking at the healthy side of their menu, so take away isn't always bad for the waistline. As I said, they've added indicators for the light meals to keep you all trim and healthy. Luckily, there is a number of those LM meals that are coeliac friendly, so this is a tip we'll actually get the use out of! 

For the coeliac veggie lovers out there, there are a number of dishes on the menu, including half the curries, some noodle dishes, and a soup. Unfortunately, no coeliac starter or salad for you guys though. BUT, always ask when you call, they could possibly look into it for you. 

Diep at Home can be found on Facebook and Twitter. They're pretty active and welcome questions and comments!

Let us know how you get on via TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!


  1. Thanks a mil for posting the photo of the menu with C marked! Just looking for takeaway in Ranelagh, and as you say, it's not on the website. :D

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