Sunday, 8 June 2014

An Bhialann

A few weeks ago we were looking for somewhere to eat and tried a new place in Ranelagh called An Bhialann.

We had a few suggestions and this one popped out. I was in the mood for some tasty fish and we couldn't agree on somewhere to grab a bite. An Bhialann is a seafood and steak restaurant, sorted! 

It's relatively new, just a few months old, and is located on the main street on Ranelagh. There's a gorgeous bright window in the front, but we sat a little further in, on the high tables in a darker area. 

The menu is heaven! The menu is 90% gluten free, including the sauces. We were recommended their mash .... It did not disappoint. 

I had pan roasted fillet of cod with a red pepper cream and the other half ordered steak with peppered sauce. I think the speciality in this place is definitely the sauces. The food is awesome, don't get me wrong, (the fish was perfectly cooked with a lovely crust on the skin and soft meat and the steak was butter to cut), but the sauces were out of this world! That peppered sauce with the steak was so intensely beautiful, I just wanted to take it home with me! 

We wanted to split a dessert and I knew exactly what I wanted: bread and butter pudding! They have gluten free bread and butter pudding. I knew as soon as the menu was in front of me I needed to have this. We ordered one to share and the guys brought a portion split between two plates with our own ice cream! I've never had bread and butter pudding. If this was half a portion, it'd definitely be enough for me. It was so heavy, but delightful with the beautifully complementary ice cream. 

I'll definitely be back here to try more off the menu and enjoy the atmosphere of the place. It was quite quiet when we were in, as it was pretty early in the evening, but I can see this place gaining a following pretty quickly. I did notice that the tables are not crowded together, so there will still be an element of privacy retained during busier services.

The staff was amazing here! Absolutely amazing. I can't rate them high enough. They answered every question with ease and made sure we were sure about everything. Highly recommend this gorgeous spot in Ranelagh.

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