Thursday, 15 May 2014

Rice Krispie Chicken Dippers

This recipe featured on Lovin Dublin for Coeliac Awareness week!
As a gluten free diner we miss out on a few things, including a good bucket of KFC. Now you can purchase breaded chicken in Marks and Spencers, but sometimes it's a little on the budget busting side and I always wondered how to make it nice and gluten free at home. So I experimented with some gluten free rice crispies, mayonnaise, and chicken. It turned out great, and it's ideal either as a "junk meal" or as a kiddie pleaser. The steps are pretty easy, so everyone can do it!

Chicken Strips
A Blob Of Mayo
Rice Crispies - Gluten Free ones of course!
Spice Of Your Choice - I Used Garlic And Rosemary

These really are straightforward ingredients you'll have most of already.

Crush your rice crispies with your fingers. Just get them in there and squish about half of it up. You'll need some big pieces and some fine dust for coverage. Salt and pepper, as you please, and add flavourings like chili, garlic, paprika etc. Basically they'll be plain unless you add something you like. If you like it plain, leave it at salt and pepper. If you like it spicy, go for it with the chili!!

Grab a piece of chicken, dunk it in the mayo, and roll it around to get even coverage. Don't be shy about it, the rice crispies need something to stick to and the may bakes away in the oven.

Roll your mayo smothered chicken in the rice crispies bowl. Be aware, this gets a little messy as the mayo on your fingers sticks to the rice crispies. I tend to just use my right hand while doing this so I can manoeuvre things around with the clean left.

Place them on the tray a little apart from eachother. Sprinkle any left over crushed rice crispies into the gaps on the chicken.

Bake in the oven at 190 degrees for 22-25 minutes. Turn them at the half way mark, but be careful and use something as leverage because they'll be a little bit delicate.

There you have it! Crispy Chicken Similarly, this can be done with gluten free corn flakes, but the pieces are much flatter and tend to flake off during baking.

This recipe can be adapted for full fillets and smaller pieces to make nuggets, so they're ideal as a small party food, dinner, or kids parties. This week is also Coeliac Awareness week, check for more info.

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