Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Goodness Grains Coeliac Awareness Week Breakfast

I first discovered Goodness Grains in Douglas & Kaldi, Dundrum when we sat down to discover that we could have gluten free food with this amazing tomato and olive bread...

On Tuesday morning Goodness Grains invited us to a gluten free breakfast in Douglas & Kali in Association with the Coeliac Society of Ireland. 

I arrived early, unlike me, and met Geraldine at the door and sat to watch everyone excitedly filing in. The menu for breakkie was absolutely gorgeous. I had the French toast with Maple syrup, simply because I rarely ever have this for my breakfast and it was sensational! I'm really sorry, I ate it and didn't take a picture, please forgive me on this occasion.

Geraldine, the ladies from the Coeliac Society and Michael, owner of Douglas & Kaldi gave us a talk each. Geraldine summed up the journey of Goodness Grains, which conceptually began four years ago and began trading January 2013. A full summation of their story is here. What struck me most is that they based their products on what the gluten free consumer wanted: bread and a treat. Some of their tasters were in the crowd enjoying their breakfast too. 

Their goods range from their lemon tartlet to muffins to danishes to bread. It's a hell of a tasty range. Above is their blueberry muffin! They've special offers every so often on their website and Facebook and they deliver freshly baked goods from their bakery in Longford. Additionally, all products are freezable!

The Coeliac Society supported this event and gave us a nutrional talk. Their volunteer nutritionist was called away, so the talk was deliver by Emma from the society. Emma, who had given these points a million times before and took to the talk with easy, assured us that we weren't going to see a food pyramid, but really did have to think about the food on our plates. When one has to eat gluten free we miss carbs, fiber, and calcium the most. For more tips and hints, check out their website! They also have a volunteer nutritionist available by phone on certain days. Check their facebook for details. 

Douglas & Kaldi itself is tucked away on the middle levels of Dundrum Town Centre. They are just so great for the gluten free food. The bread and treats are Goodness Grains and are quality. You can even buy them there. On top of this, Michael was talking about restaurants and educating staff in relation to gluten free ingredients and cross contamination. He even said he gives his staff a list of 30 questions every month to keep them on top form. I've never had a problem with a waiter understanding me in there, so it's definitely paying off! He prides himself on being "in-the-know" and continuous training within restaurants. 

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