Friday, 28 March 2014

News on Lovin Dublin!

The peeps at Lovin Dublin had a bit of foodie news this week....

On Wednesday, 26th March 2014, Lovin Dublin announced the launch of a new venture "Lovin Box."

This idea revolves around a featured restaurant every week who will supply the lunch box bursting with healthy nomtastic food for you for €10 a pop. You order Monday and pick up Wednesday, so you've two days to be thinking about that fantastic lunch you're going to have on, what twitter deems most weeks as, "Hump day."

The guys at Lovin Dublin are working on the ins and outs, like dietary requirements and collection points. 

The collection points will begin being city centre, but, from yesterday's comments, Nicola McNally said that they are considering and working on collection points outside the city centre too. So, that's good news! It's all shrouded in mystery at the minute as the guys work out the finer details. 

The dietary requirements are obviously a priority for our readers. The weekly contents of the boxes will depend on the supplying restaurants, so let's hope the restaurants prioritize gluten free and let the gluten free diners into this new idea! 

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