Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Linwoods Review

Linwoods sent out their new flaxseed flavour to try out recently.

I discovered Linwoods Flaxseed a little over a year ago when I went to a dietician because I was still having some tummy issues and she recommended I try a few things, including hot water before I eat anything in the morning and adding flaxseed into my cereal to kick start the system. 

Flaxseed is full of healthy stuff, including Omega 3 essential fatty acids and fibre. Let's face it, being gluten free kind of means we lack a little bit natural of fibre so we have to get creative to make sure our diets are properly balances.

Since then I've discovered a variety of uses for it. I add it into my pancakes, add it to my yoghurt, cakes, cheesecake base, salads, granola, smoothies, etc. I normally use a variety of flaxseed flavours, depending on what's in Dunnes for me to pick up. Generally I'd choose the sunflower & pumpkin seeds, the goji berry, or the probiotic & vitamin D... probiotic is so good for the tummy!  

I did find that in order to reap the benefits of flaxseed, it's imperative that you keep a regimented intake of it. If you miss days here and there, you won't really feel it. 

The new flavour is cocoa & berries. The first thing I did was add a tablespoon to milk and see if I could make chocolate milk, turns out you can! I also tried it in pancakes and Nairn's gluten free porridge to make chocolate breakkie! It was good! 

On the back of the pack they've got serving suggestions for all meals of the day. I had never thought of adding flaxseed to pasta or soup, but it's not half bad. Not the chocolate one though.... the probiotic one! 

As well as that, the new cocoa flavour isn't as fatty as you think. Apparently, and according to the Linwoods, it's 75% less fat than most dark chocolate products. 

Try it out for a few weeks and see how you feel. 

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