Monday, 24 March 2014

Cheesecake Dublin

Who wants cheesecake? 

Cheescake Dublin opened on South William Street in 2013 and literally sells cheesecake. Now cheesecake is made from biscuit so this is a typical dish that the gluten free diner misses out on… 

But, Cheesecake Dublin has gluten free cheesecake. Not every day, but their Facebook page will tell you when they have it in! Until recently they only had a very small kitchen space and were quite limited with their gluten free because they were trying to keep it gluten and contamination free. So, when they had gluten free in, they had just the one cake in the kitchen. Thus they were slowing their production. 

They've moved kitchens with more storage and are sourcing a new gluten free flour supplier, so hopefully we'll be seeing more gluten free cheesecake! 

 The place itself is quite small with three tables and some chairs. Actually, one of the tables was missing its chairs so really only two tables to sit in and eat. When rocked up all chairs were full, so we had to get it to go!

Ok, we've discussed the gluten free aspect… Let's talk taste! The cheesecake in the picture is white chocolate with raspberry. It was delicious!! 

Cheescake Dublin have now gained the reputation of having awesome flavours, (try the millionaire cheesecake NOM!) so the fact that it tingled all my taste buds is no surprise. What did surprise was I freaking loved the biscuit base. Before my diagnosis I was very very picky about the biscuit base of a cheesecake. In fact, I'd test that part first in any restaurant. It exceeded my expectation.

Not only do they do set cheesecake, but they also have baked and I have tried their baked too. I was never really a fan of baked cheesecake, to me it was chilled or nothing, but it actually quite nice!

If you've a hankering for a cheesecake birthday cake, they make them for €35!

When they make their jars gluten free I'll love them too! 

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Don't just take my word for it on the taste, try these views from others:

Sadly, Cheesecake Dublin has now closed its doors.... 


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