Thursday 8 January 2015

Beshoffs on Dame Street

As it's Friday I was thinking of a Friday night supper and who doesn't love fish and chips? 

Well as a gluten free diner we normally can't just walk into a chipper and order a battered fish and chips. 

I liked Beshoffs on O'Connell Street, but for a long time they offer only one gluten free fish and chips option, and then I walked into Beshoffs Bros on Dame Street and was bowled over by the menu. They have a separate menu for gluten free and it's awesome! We're not restricted to just a fillet of battered fish and chips here. Oh no, that would bee too little here. There's also chicken goujons! 

I loved the cod goujons and chips. They are pretty tasty. The portions are on the larger size for me so I haven't actually been able to finish all the goujons on the chips on the (several) occasions I've been in!

I've obviously had to quality test the rest of the dishes. Above is the cod fillet and the chicken goujons. Both good, but my heart belongs with the cod goujons. 

Another heart stopper are the onion rings. That's right. They do gluten free battered onion rings. Now I haven't had an onion ring in years and years and technically onions are really my friend, but I had to have some! They're freaking delicious. The girl that was serving us said that the gluten free ones are actually nicer than the normal variety as they are, like all their gluten free foods, made freshly and are extra crispy as a result. 

So there you have it! Gluten free fish and chips properly done in the city centre. Go on, you know you want to try them out. 

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I couldn't find a Facebook page for the Dame Street branch but I found this page and their website.

P.S Their Mespil Road branch serves the gluten free menu and they are looking at expanding the full  gluten free range to their Clontarf branch in the near future. 

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  1. Their Mespil Road branch has the "full" GF range as well, it's great. I'll have to check out the Onion Rings